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Specializing in design, engineering and turnkey installation of Energy Systems

  • CHP Systems

    Combined heat and power (CHP), also called cogeneration or On-Site Utility, is the simultaneous production of two types of energy — heat and electricity — from one fuel source, often natural gas. The ability to create two forms of energy from a single source offers tremendous efficiency and cost savings. CHP Applications Institutions — colleges and universities, hospitals, […]

  • LED Lighting Systems

    LED’s are now the most efficient commercial light source on the planet. They are 10 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and more than twice as efficient as fluorescent bulbs. When you add the reduced maintenance and replacement costs to the equation, LED’s can save you 80% on your lighting costs. Quantum specializes in installation […]

  • Radiant Heating Systems

    Radiant Heating. A radiant system is up to 30% more efficient than any other heating system and there’s no comparison when it comes to comfort and there is no comparison. Snow Melting Systems. An installed radiant heating cable under entire paved surfaces keep sidewalks, driveways, large parking lots, heavily trafficked areas, steps, bridges, and other outdoor areas completely […]

LED Lighting SystemsLED’s are now the most efficient commercial light source on the planet.

Quantum Energy specializing in installation of commercial & residential indoor and outdoor LED Lighting:
Offices, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Parking Lots, High Bay / Gym Lighting.



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